Joined Senate Committee On Local And Foreign Debts To Receive Kaduna State Govt Delegation And Ministers

Today, I joined my distinguished colleagues in the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts to receive submissions on loan requests from a high powered delegation from the Kaduna State Government and Honourable Ministers.

The Committee chaired by Senator Ordia painstakingly went through the requests and sought for clarifications where necessary. Questions asked centered around the purpose for the loans, impact on the people and economy, repayment plan, and sustainability.

Officials of the Kaduna State Government put up a strong defense in respect of the $350million World Bank loan request aimed at addressing infrastructural challenges in critical areas such as education, security, and healthcare.

I am confident that with the articulate presentation of the Kaduna State Government officials and their responses to questions asked, the Committee would have no hesitation in recommending to the Senate for approval of the loan request.

Honorable ministers also took turns to defend their various ministries’ borrowing plans for the year 2020.