It is with with a deep sense of humility and gratitude that I write this letter to our dear delegates, members of the irrepressible Uba Sani Campaign Organisation, teeming supporters and sympathisers. I thank you profusely for your continued support and prayers in our journey so far. With your total commitment and dedication, our campaign gathered momentum and is now unstoppable.

But I enjoin us not to rest on our oars. We are approaching the critical and decisive period. October 2, 2018 is the date of the Kaduna Central Senatorial Primary. It is a day we must ensure that our efforts are crowned with glory. It is a day we must begin the real journey towards reclaiming Kaduna Central Senatorial District from forces alien to democracy and development, and turning it into a showpiece of peace, progress and development.

To our esteemed delegates, please do the needful on that day. The future progress and development of our long suffering constituency is in your hands. I trust and believe that you are deeply committed to the cause of charting a new progressive path for our senatorial district.

I call on the members of the Uba Sani Campaign Organisation to redouble their efforts as we inch towards the finish line. I urge our teeming supporters and sympathisers to remain vigilant. The votes of the delegates must not only be counted but must count.

We have done so well. We must do even more as the Primary nears. But we must not forget to place everything before the Almighty God. We are the frontrunners, and God willing victory is assured.

Once more, I thank you immensely for your support. Kaduna Central Senatorial District will be great again