The Almighty Allah has done it for us again. We are among the living to witness another memorable occasion of the celebration of Eid -el- Kabir. With a heart full of joy and gratitude to our Maker, I wish the Muslim faithful all the world, and in particular Nigerians Barka da Sallah.

This year’s Eid -el-Kabir celebration is one that must be devoted to prayers and deep and sober reflections. Occasions like the Eid-el-Kabir call for not only celebration but also sober reflections on our lives as individuals and as a people. Have we in all honesty been devoted to the true worship of Allah and his teachings. Have we in our daily dealings or activities exhibited the virtues of love, tolerance and accommodation? Are the teaching of Islam reflected in the way we conduct our political activities.

This occasion is therefore a time for us to renew our faith in the Almighty Allah. He has remained faithful to us and our dear country, Nigeria. To Him we must always run to for guidance to tackle our problems.

I urge our people to be wary of people whose stock in trade is the manipulation of religion. In this season of politics, desperate people easily latch on to religion to keep afloat. Religion is an excellent vehicle for the advancement of humanity. Religion should accordingly be used as a unifying not dividing force for the good of all.

Let us also desist from actions, statements and utterances that are capable of jeopardizing the corporate existence of Nigeria. We are better off as one united entity. There is no problem, difficulty or challenges that are insurmountable. It is better to place them on the table for solutions to be found instead of resorting to self-help.

My special appreciation goes to our numerous admirers and supporters of  Governor Nasir Ahmed El – Rufai and the APC administration in Kaduna State and Nigeria at large. Let’s continue to show our unflinching loyalty and solidarity to both President Muhammadu Buhari and our amiable Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

I urge you to deploy even more energies and time to ensure the renewal of the mandates of President Buhari and Governor El-Rufai in the 2019 elections. Your contributions at both individual and group levels have so far been heart-warming and very inspiring. Let us sustain the momentum. With more hard work and the Almighty Allah on our side, victory will be ours in 2019.

Once again, I wish you Happy Sallah and may the Almighty Allah make this occasion yet another moment of His bountiful mercies and blessings for us all. Thank you immensely.

– Mallam Uba Sani